Eye club Hidden Camera,Spy Camera Alarm Clock with Remote Controller, HD 1080P Loop Video Recorder, Motion Detection, Sound Recording, Silvery

Eye club is a hidden camera which can be used for the protection of your loved ones. This hidden camera has an attached alarm clockand a mini camera built in it for recording motion activated video recording and audio recording. This can be the perfect way to keep check on your home without missing any vital moments of your life.

This unique eye club hidden camera comes as a real alarm clock so no one will suspect that you are recording. The features of this Eye Club hidden camera are: motion activated video recording, audio recording, photo capture, alarm clock, andtime display. The surveillance camera supports up to18 hours ofconstant recording sothat you can keep up with what is going on at your place without missing anything. This can be unobtrusive enough to be used as a nanny cam for the protection of your child. The image quality is perfect for looking at the people you love and care about the most. The camera gets activated through motion detection and has a feature with loop recording. This gadget is very easy and convenient to use with its remote control and simple user manual. The remote control is included for remote start of the video.There is also a Scope for sound recording with 40m2 (6m for straight-line distance).

Why should you use this hidden camera clock?
This amazing hidden camera alarm clock is a must have at your home for protection of the people you care about most. It has a regular alarm clock so no one will suspect that it is recording video. The video quality is remarkable at 1080p. The remote control has the ability to control all the features from one place. This hidden camera will start to record video directly to your SD card when it detects any kind of motion within 5-6 meters of where it is located. It will help protect your family and friends with its large storage capacity for recording. After it is charged, this gadget can record for 18 hours. It’s very easy to charge this hidden camera, just put it in a wall socket and you are good to go. The major advantage that is seen is the unlimited time for recording and it comes with a free 8gb micro SD card, which is perfect for hours of footage. The alarm clock can store up to 32gb on a micro SD card.

Final verdict
The final verdict would be that this alarm clock would be an easy addition to your home to make sure everyone you love is safe and secure.

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