EZVIZ Mini 360 Plus 1080p HD Pan/Tilt/Zoom Home Security Camera – Wi-Fi Surveillance System Motion Tracking, Night Vision, Image Touch Navigation

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EZVIZ Mini 360 Plus 1080p HD Pan/Tilt/Zoom Home Security Camera – Wi-Fi Surveillance System is the latest addition to the surveillance camera market. It comes with motion tracking, night vision, and image touch navigation.
Inside the box
1x Mini 360 Plus
1x Base
1x Drill Template
1x Screw Kit
1x Quick Start Guide
1x Power Adapter
1x Power Cable

You can watch the recorded videos in HD 1080p resolution, with 360-degree coverage. There is a pan and tilt control with digital zoom, a wide-angle 92° lens, and a unique smart motion tracking system.The camera has a PANORAMIC 360° TOUCH VIEW NAVIGATION, which has the ability to capture the entire room with one touch. The exceptional panoramic touch navigation takes a 360° picture of the room, and also lets you view a live video from that angle with just a simple tap. The product requires a high-speed Internet connectionand a Mobile OS of iOS 7.0+ (iPhone, iPad) or Android 4.0+.

The technical features it comes with are:
Minimum Illumination: 0.02Lux @ F2.2
92° Diagonal Viewing Angle
Image Sensor: HD 1080p
Panning Angle: 0° to 340°
Tilting Angle: -10° to 80°
Night Vision: Up to 33ft
4mm Lens
Why should you choose this EZVIZ Mini 360 Plus 1080p HD Pan/Tilt/Zoom Home Security Camera – Wi-Fi Surveillance System?

The smart motion and night vision is an extraordinary featurethat can track and record any sort of movement seen in the room.
The Mini 360 Plus has night vision up to 33 feet, HD video with 1080p resolution, and a 92° wide angle lens. This makes objects easy to track because of the farvisibility, even during the night.With this device, you can see and talk to your pets and family with the two-way audio. When the camera detects motion, you immediately get a notification on your smart phone.
This system has multilayer security with end-to-end video encryption so your stored and live videos are safe. There is also a privacy mask that ensures that audio/video recording and the live viewing are off when you use this setting.
You can access the stored video content atany time. It is suggested to use a 128 GB microSD card to store up to one month of motion detectedrecording. This product also offers a free 30-day trial to their Cloud Play service, which comes with a 7-day cloud recording and daily recap.

Final verdict:
It is the perfect product to buy if you are in need of a home security system with a wireless connection that can easily be accessible via any smart phone, iPad or pc.

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Eye club Hidden Camera,Spy Camera Alarm Clock with Remote Controller, HD 1080P Loop Video Recorder, Motion Detection, Sound Recording, Silvery

Eye club is a hidden camera which can be used for the protection of your loved ones. This hidden camera has an attached alarm clockand a mini camera built in it for recording motion activated video recording and audio recording. This can be the perfect way to keep check on your home without missing any vital moments of your life.

This unique eye club hidden camera comes as a real alarm clock so no one will suspect that you are recording. The features of this Eye Club hidden camera are: motion activated video recording, audio recording, photo capture, alarm clock, andtime display. The surveillance camera supports up to18 hours ofconstant recording sothat you can keep up with what is going on at your place without missing anything. This can be unobtrusive enough to be used as a nanny cam for the protection of your child. The image quality is perfect for looking at the people you love and care about the most. The camera gets activated through motion detection and has a feature with loop recording. This gadget is very easy and convenient to use with its remote control and simple user manual. The remote control is included for remote start of the video.There is also a Scope for sound recording with 40m2 (6m for straight-line distance).

Why should you use this hidden camera clock?
This amazing hidden camera alarm clock is a must have at your home for protection of the people you care about most. It has a regular alarm clock so no one will suspect that it is recording video. The video quality is remarkable at 1080p. The remote control has the ability to control all the features from one place. This hidden camera will start to record video directly to your SD card when it detects any kind of motion within 5-6 meters of where it is located. It will help protect your family and friends with its large storage capacity for recording. After it is charged, this gadget can record for 18 hours. It’s very easy to charge this hidden camera, just put it in a wall socket and you are good to go. The major advantage that is seen is the unlimited time for recording and it comes with a free 8gb micro SD card, which is perfect for hours of footage. The alarm clock can store up to 32gb on a micro SD card.

Final verdict
The final verdict would be that this alarm clock would be an easy addition to your home to make sure everyone you love is safe and secure.

Evertech Office Home Analog Video Security Camera Cctv Color Quad Splitter Processor 4 Channel/Port (4 Camera) Real Time with REMOTE Control

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Evertech USA Corp has launched an Office Home Analog Video security camera which has helped a lot of people prevent theft and attacks. This product is really loved by people as it is easy to use. It has a steady bnc connection, which is frequently used by most home security systems. One of the greatest features of it is that the product is lightweight.Whether you are looking for an easy way to check on your kids and pets, or a full-service guard to monitor for prowlers, this will be the right product for your needs.

The product is 7.1 x 5.4 x 3.8 inches and weighs 1.1 pounds. It is easy to use and the system has distinct buttons on both the case and remote control that you can use to select picture in picture, quad display, or you can see any of 4 cameras separately. The system has twobnc outputs, one for your screenand one for video recording. The system comes with a built-in battery.
• The system can be used with traditional ANALOG cameras, but it is not Compatible with 720P and 1080P AHD / TVI / CVI / HD-SDI Cameras
• The Video Output Mode is Full screen and has electronic amplification, 4 picture, (PIP) Picture in Picture and also has an auto switch display mode
• NTSC: 720×480, Size: 5 7/16 in. x 3 15/16 in. x 1 1/16 in. (LxWxH)
The product comes with 500 milliampere adapter and it works well with both 1000 as well as 500 milliampere adapters.

Some of the technical features are:• Refresh rate : PAL: 200 feilds/sec NTSC: 240 feilds/sec
Resolution : PAL: 720×576 NTSC: 720×480
Video Input Port : 1.0 Vp-p75BNC
Video Input Signal : 1.0 Vp-p75 input
Video Output Signal : 1.o Vp-p75 output
Alarm Mode : Video loss alarm
Video Output Mode : Full screen, electronic amplification,
4 picture, Picture in Picture, Auto switch display mode
Operating Voltage : DC12V/1A or 500miliAmp
Environment Temperature : -30C-60C Dimension : 5 7/16 in. x 3 15/16 in. x 1 1/16 in. (LxWxH)
Net Weight : 700gm
Why use this office/home analog video security camera?
This product is simple and comes with a handy guide. It has a high resolution display quality which gives a clear video. This 4CH Digital Color Quad Processor with Remote Control needs a standard power supply (12 Volt 1250 mA Adapter ). It allows you to view eight cameras in a screen. Each camera can easily be changed and another feature of it is that the image can auto switch to others. All Systems CE & FCC Licensed with UL Compliant Power Supplies. And it comes with a Full 1-Year US Warranty.

The product is priced at $49.99! This is one of the best video recorders for the price.

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Doberman Security SE-0106-4PK Ultra-Slim Window Alarm

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Doberman Security SE-0106-4PK Ultra-Slim Window Alarm is the new rage in security systems.It is an affordable solution to every security problem you may have. This small yet unique gadget does wonders in protecting your homefrom threats.
4 Alarms
3 button cell batteries (LR44)

This Doberman security alarm comes at an extremely convenient size at 2.8 x 0.3 x 2.8 inchesand only 0.3 ounces. With it being such a small size, this product is quite handy to use and still protects your home from every threat that comes its way. It also comes with a window vibration detection feature, which would instantly alert you to a potential theft and break in. The alarm sound comes at 100 dB which is audible enough to alert the owners. This security alarm has a very unique ultra slim design which makes it the perfect gadget for your home, office, garage, dorm room, or even RV. This camera has vibration trigger technology which has a built-in vibration sensor that will alert you to a threat but will not go off during storms. This security alarm does not give any false alarms so you won’t have any disturbances. It has an easy installation process. You just need to simply peel and stick without any extra work. There is a warning sticker on the backside of the alarm which has the ability to prevent theft.

Why this security alarm?
This system is an intelligent security alarmwhich prevents any kind of theft with zero added convenience to you. This Doberman Security SE-0106-4PK Ultra-Slim Window Alarm is a smart way of protecting your home and is offered at an affordable price of $29.99. The box comes with 4 alarms so you can protect your home further. The ultra slim look allows you to protect your home without it looking clunky. The sensors are extra sensitive so that you are never left without the best protection.This alarm can be used during rains or wind without activating the alarmor damaging the product. If you want to be protected at home from any kind of threat, without spending a huge amount, this is the product for you. The alarm comes with 3 button cell batteries (LR44) inside the box so the alarm can be used immediately. This alarm does not require any kind of tools or professional help and can be installed by anyone. You can order this from amazon now and choose from multiple colors.

Final Verdict
This security alarm would be a perfect investment for your home to protect you and your family members. For the price, this is an exceptional layer of safety to have.

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Doberman Security SE-0104-2PK Motion Detector Alarm/Chime – 2 Pack (Silver/Black)

This Doberman Security SE-0104-2PK Motion Detector Alarm/Chime is a camera that comes with a high motion detector alarm. When it comes to the protection of your home, it is imperative that your choice of security devices are of high quality.

Inside the box:
The box contains two sets of the cameras. You can choose to order black or white cameras. Batteries are not included with your purchase.

• INFRARED TECHNOLOGY –the device utilizes infrared sensors which can detect any sort of motion and generate a very loud sound. The sound of the alarm is100 dB which will ensure you and your neighbors hear it.
• The WIDE COVERAGE -the Sensors on this detector can cover 15 feet out from the unit, and approximately 60 degrees vertically and horizontally.
• EASY INSTALLATION W/ ADJUSTABLE MOUNT –the device allows anyone to easily position and mount the device inside or outside the house, apartment, workplace, or the garage.
• There is an Adjustable swivel mount which allows rotation up to 270 degrees.
• THIS SURVEILLANCE IS PERFECT FOR INDOOR & OUTDOOR PROTECTION –this device ensures the safely and protection of young children, the elderly, or your loving pets.
• The weight of this device is only 6.4 ounces and dimensionsa mere 3 x 1.2 x 4.2 inches which is very light weight and makes it easy for use.

Why this Doberman security motion detector?
This security camera is a perfect yet subtle way to protect your home from invasion. The sound produced by this alarm is much higher than others on the market and it can be easily heard from a great distance. The wide coverage of this detector can easily cover a large area. This device is easy to install, therefore it does not require any professional help. It can be installed by anyone with little to no help. When you care about your loved ones and want to ensure their protection, this device is a must. The owners can now look after their loved ones and protect their valuableseven while away. It can also be used inside the home for ensuring the protection of your child with the nanny, elderly people in your life, or the pets for whom you care about.

Final Verdict:
The final verdict would be that if you need to protect your home, company, and other places, this device would be a perfect little addition to your home. This small and light device is user friendly and can easily be used by anyone.

Doberman Security Portable Door Alarm with Flash Light, 4 alarms(Item model number SE-0203-4PK)

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This door alarm provides us with some of the best features that are out in the market. From security of your house to your office, this device is one such product that will stay. These devices can conveniently be used by any home without and outside service. This can help you with the protection and safety of your home.

This device is ultra-portable and light weight, weighing only 3.2 ounces, which makes it easily handled by anyone. It is easy to install and remove. Its small size and portable features make it easy for traveling. The product consists of 4 alarms and each alarm has the dimensions of 0.5 x 1.2 x 3 inches. The portable door alarm has a spring clip trigger which triggers sound with any kind of unauthorized entry. The powerful sound quality alerts you of any disturbance or break in with a sound of 100db, which is loud enough to alert even the neighbors. The easy installation is an advantage for everyone who doesn’t want to use professional help. You merely need to hang the unit over the doorknob of your home or where you will be staying and place the metal clip between the door and the doorjamb. No additional tools arerequired. The product also includes2 button cell batteries. The best feature of this security alarm is that it is connected without wire which means the installation process is easy.

Why this Doberman Security Portable Door Alarm with Flash Light, 4 alarms?
If you want to protect yourself from potential theft at home or while traveling, this is the one device you need for yourself. With the Doberman Security Portable Door Alarm w/Flashlight now you are safe even when you are not home. This product can be easily attached to any door to provide you with some peace of mind. You won’t need to worry about the safety of your valuables or loved ones. Just hang the device on a door and attach the clips to the door jamb and your work is done. It’s the perfect alarm that can be used for hotel rooms, dorms, or anywhere you would like to be safe. The built-in flashlight is a useful addition to the product. This security alarm does not give false alarms so you know when it goes off it is serious.

Final verdict:
If you are in need of a handy product, which is also travel friendly, then this Doberman Security Portable Door Alarm is the one for you. At an affordable price you can now guarantee your safety and protection. Without a doubt order this product and make sure you are protected from any further intrusions.

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DOBERMAN SECURITY Motion Detector Alarm with Nightlight Function

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Motion sensors are used for the purpose of sensing a trespasser and warning the monitoring person about
the unwanted visitor. This kind of alarm system can be used when you have leftyour home or if you want to keep your home safe in the dark. A motion detector alarm can also be automated to work together with a video recorder so that all detected motion can be recorded with a security camera.

Motion detector are mostly placed at front doors, garages, hallways, storerooms, or any other place where you need to watch the property.

Therefore, motion detectors can be used as a warningwhen someone reaches the front door. Alarms can also be activated when individuals, kids, or even pets approach that monitored area. Below is one of the motion detectors launched by Doberman Security,which contains a lot of great features.  This product is perfect for your home, office, hallways, cabinets, or use as a light in the night.Its model is SE-0134 and the features are given below.


DOBERMAN SECURITY Motion Detector Alarm comes in the dimension of 11.25 x 19.75 x 26.75 inches and the item has a weight of 12.5 pounds. It comes in the color silver. This product has a motion trigger technology with dual functioning. You can select from a motion sensing light for its automatic light, or an alarm with a strobe light effect for security purposes. The sensor covers up to 15 feet distance and can tilt up to 60 degrees.

This motion detector has a powerful alarm which is of 100Db and a flashing strobe light which helps to alert you when someone breaks into the area.

It is conveniently designed in such a way that the alarm delays for 7 seconds to prevent instant trigger when you are passing by.


Many motion detectors are available on the market but this one is a reliable one as it has various featuresthat makes it the best product. It has motion triggered technology with a motion sensing light. The product covers a wide area.  It also has easy installation and setup. You just have to peel and stick or attach it to the mount.  This device has an adaptable pivot which allows for maximum coverage. It is perfect asan alarm or a light for home, office, garage, dorm room, bathrooms, hallways,  and cabinets.


This DOBERMAN SECURITY Motion Detector is priced at just $19.99. It is very affordable and covers all of the features you need. With its sleek look and technical features, this security motion detector alarm can be a good choice for your home, hallways, and cabinets. You can also use it also as a night light. I would definitely recommend you purchase this product.

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DEFEWAY 4ch Video Security System with 4Channel 1080N DVR, 4 Weatherproof 720P HD Cameras, Indoor & Outdoor, 100ft Night Vision, Motion Detection, NO HDD

DEFEWAY has launched an advanced security system which is highly helpful for indoor and outdoor purposes. This is an impressive 4channel camera package for proprietors and businesses. This product comes with severalfeatures. Its 720P HD quality gives a sharp and crisp visual during the day or night. The camera has an automatic IR- cut filter.
The DEFEWAY 4 channel video security system possesses an Intelligent Motion Detection, which senses any movement and records it. This allows the product to save more on the hard drive. One of the best features of this product is that it has 100ft night vision, which makes itextremely versatile.

The item model number is US-D114L-4Xc102l1.The product is 6.8*11.5*14.3 inches and has a weight of 8.3 pounds. It has aremote access for seeing live and recorded video from the customer’s security cameras on their tablet, PC or smartphone. The camera’s night time vision is up to 130ft. One Lithium ion battery is essential. No HDD is present.
DEFEWAY 4channel Video Security System isassociated with an application named N_EYE mobile app, which can be connected with the security cameras to view the recorded videos.
N_EYE can easily be used in 3 steps:
• You just need to Download the free app
• Scan the DVR ‘s QR code
• Start watching the cameras from anywhere

This classic product consists of First-class IR LED night vision technology and an integrated automatic Infrared Cut Filter (ICR). This can evidently detect things up to 130ft (40m) away in regular nighttime conditions and up to 90ft (27m) away in full dimness.
The video quality is amazing and it has a big hard drive so you store your footage.

Homeowners who are very attentive and cautious don’t have time to analyze hours of security footage. So,this security system comespacked with advanced features to help record video smarter. It has reliable security protection all the time, especially during the night.
The adaptable wall mounting options allow you to connect the cameras wherever you think its preferable, outdoor or indoor.
People can easily set up the application on their PC or smartphone and can access the security cameras from wherever in the world you are.
The cameras have a weatherproof quality, which can not only bear heavy rainfalls, but efficiently prevents the camera from corrosion and dirt.
The cameras are able to record even in extreme temperatures as low as -22°F (-30°C) or as high as 140°F(60°C) which make it the perfect companion to anyone living in high heat or low temps.
The price of the system is amazing since the quality and functioning of the camera is great.

The DEFEWAY 4CH video security system is a great buy at $94.99! For someone who is always monitoring their home, this will help themmonitor smarter! Hurry, before it runs out of stock!

Dakota Alert DCMA-2500 Driveway Motion Alert 2500′ Kit (Green White)

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Motion sensors are new and advanced security devices that have enhanced how individuals can monitor and keep their offices and homessafe. Though theycan be found cheaper and simpler than the most advanced security systems, these motion sensors are able to categorize threats in actual time and trigger warnings early so that the owners or security members can respond.
One motion sensor worth mentioning is the Motion Alert System launched by Dakota. Its model number is DCMA-2500 and the features are given below.

Dakota Alert DCMA-2500 Drive Away Motion Alert is6.75 x 8.25 x 8 inches and weighs 1.7 pounds. The package consists of two products, the detector and the receiver. It hasa detection range of up to 1/2 mile and has the ability to detect a vehicle or a person as far away as 50 ft.
The motion detecting sensor works on a 9 volt battery, which is not included. It also has a quick and simple installation process. The receiver has four zones (Zone 1 , Zone 2, Zone 3 and Zone 4) which can receive up to four signals from four individual sensors.
One of the products is white and the other one is green.

As technology becomes progressively user friendly, many customers are opting to organize security systems on their own instead of relying on professionals. Manufacturers, in turn, have been making security products that are effectively simple and very easy to use, but still provide the same level of protection.

While homebased security cameras have always been a hot commodity, driveway alarms are becoming more common. These systems are able to sense people and vehicles that go in and out of your driveway. DCMA-2500 is one such product, which meets all the requirements of a good alarm. It is a small device that helps you to be safe and alert even when you are at home. With the help of its detector and deceiver, the device has a considerable radio range. It has a strong sensor, which can detect people passing by who are about 50 ft away. DCMA-2500 is very easy to set up. As long as you pay attention to the sensitivity ranges, you will certainly be able to get the whole thing working in a short time. It provides a 1/2-mile range sensitivity from base to sensor. The first step is to set these sensors anyplace within this range. As soon as they’re up and running, you can make modifications to the sensitivity setting until you’re not getting any false alarms.

For smaller housing or commercial properties, we recommend the Dakota Alert DCMA-2500 Driveway Motion Alert kit. This option is great for people who want a basic alarm system at a good price. It’s easy to use and has enough features to help people with basic needs for their property to stay safe.

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Conbrov® WF28 HD Wireless Home Wifi Ip Hidden Video Camera Security Nanny Cam with Super Night Vision and Motion Activated Detector Indoor Surveillance Use

ones. Nanny cams are a way that parents can keep track of what is happening in their homes with their children when they are away.
It can be worrisome to leave your child with someone you don’t know very well. Nanny cams help by showing parents what is going on inside the house. So, Conbrov has introduced a wireless Home WiFi Hidden camera WF28, which has remarkable features to avoid all kinds of worries.

The product is5.4 x 4.3 x 2.9 inches and weighs only 7.2 ounces. It has accurate motion detection,a recording distance of up to 24 feet, and a large camera angle up to 75 degrees.
Its camera has 23pcs infrared visible red led which helps its night vision distance stretch up to 24 feet. The night mode turns on automatically when it detects low lighting. To connect the camera with your home router for remotestreaming,the Mini Wifi Cam app is used.The product supports HD resolution up to 720P. This helps video to be recorded in crystal clear high resolution. There is even a choice in app to change the camera resolution for faster video streams.
This device has multiple options to make you aware of any trespassing on your property. You can choose to receive push notifications via the app on your phone.

First and foremost, the advantage of this camera is that it is very easy to set up. Now as the name suggests, the camera component looks the part as being camouflaged as a PIR sensor. It becomes difficult to recognize the device as camera. It looks professional and is virtually unnoticeable on the wall.

The product also has one more upgraded safety measure where you can set alarm and email settings to get push notifications on your smart phone when there’s any motion detected.
You can observe and hear what is going on anytime and anywhere, rapidly and easily.This ensures no matter how far you go, you can still check in on your home or business.
The app also helps you to set up the camera for an easy install process.

This nanny cam does not let you miss a single recording! You can take photos with the nanny camera and store them for you to view later.

FINAL VERDICT: This product is $79.99! With all of the features it comes with in terms of size, application, cost and features, you are sure to find this one has the features you want and need to keep your loved ones safe.